To actively choose a direction or change of course

Value attributed to the highest level of performance

Plan of action designed to achieve overall objectives

TACK10 is a professional marketing firm dedicated to delivering a comprehensive set of integrated services to brands and properties that produce unparalleled quantifiable results against sponsorship, partnership and corporate objectives. We work with both brands of all sizes and properties within Sport and Entertainment, Cause and Public Sector and Technology.

The TACK10 difference comes down to the team that TACK10 has assembled and the approach the group takes with clients and projects. From the freshest support team members to the most seasoned executives, the team boasts a very broad range of experience and as a result, the manner in which partnerships are developed and the objectives they are able to deliver against go well beyond the traditional.

“The traditional sponsorship approach simply does not drive the return on investment brands and properties are looking for. The integrated partnerships model goes well beyond naming and signage rights. When strategically aligned and integrated in an authentic manner, they deliver remarkable engagement, driving incredible results against core objectives for brands and properties while delivering value to the consumer or guest.”

James Chalmers, Group President and CEO

“What sets TACK10 apart in terms of our methodology is that we take the time to learn about a client’s needs from inside their organization and develop integrated partnerships that return direct and measurable performance against those objectives.”

Laura Richard, EVP and Partner

TACK10 recognizes that every partner requires a highly customized approach to partnership development. It is understood that the core objectives and needs of every organization and their respective stakeholders are as unique as their ability to create measurable value for integrated strategic partners. TACK10’s proprietary pillars to success, identified below, have the understanding of those core objectives at their base and are used to create the customized models for success that TACK10 is known for.

Property Evaluation
and Audit


Objective Setting
and Measurement

Go to Market





“One of our key values at TACK10 is creativity. It is important to each of us that we constantly flex our creative muscles to develop the highest quality content for our clients, leveraging their unique voices and target audiences.”

Megan Kimmerer, Coordinator, Communications and Marketing

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